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How to Resolve a dispute with a Merchant

What to do to best resolve the dispute with the Merchant:

  • First, most important thing is to contact the merchant. MasterCard requires this before we can provide assistance.
  • Ask the merchant to issue a credit, or multiple credits if they have charged you multiple times.
  • Take good notes! You should notate the following:
    • The name of each person you spoke to and the date.
    • What they agreed to do.
    • Confirmation and/or cancellation numbers (make sure you ask for them).
    • How many days it will take before you receive your credit.
  • Also, keep any emails and/or letters to and from the merchant.

Free Trials:

  • Did you know that if you sign up for a free trial, you must cancel and in some cases return the product before the trial ends to avoid future charges?
  • Merchants are required by MasterCard to post the terms of the free trial during the checkout process.
  • Be Smart! Make sure you understand the terms and conditions before you give them your card number.

What to do if you have already signed up:

  • Contact the merchant to cancel the subscription.
  • If you need to return the product they provided, get proof of delivery.
  • Remember to ask the merchant for credit and take good notes as referenced above.

Still need help? Let us assist you!

If you have attempted to resolve with the merchant or believe their terms were not properly disclosed, here is what to do:

  • Submit a Dispute Form

Or if you need to discuss the details of your dispute before submitting the paperwork:

  • Contact our Member Solutions Dept. at (813)247-4414
  • Visit any of our Tampa Bay Federal CU Branches
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