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Everyone manages their money in different ways. So why would we have only one type of checking account?

Find the right checking account that will make your life easier. Plus, with Shared Branching you’ll have access to over 5,000-shared branches and 27,000 ATMs across the country.


Tampa Bay Credit Union Rewards Checking

tampa bay credit unionYou want more out of your tampa bay credit union checking account? You might be ready for a high-yield return on your balance. On average, reward checking accounts offer significantly higher rates than traditional checking accounts.

While many people think of a checking account as a means of paying bills and everyday expenses, an increasing number of banks are offering rewards in which people can earn money for signing up, interest rates far higher than savings accounts and enough airline miles for a long vacation.

To earn these bonuses, rewards checking accounts (RCAs) usually require certain criteria to be met, but in many cases, making small adjustments to meet account requirements is worth the effort.

High-Yield Interest Rewards Checking Accounts are designed for people who are looking for a new primary checking account. Consequentially, their requirements are not determined by the account's balance, but by your banking behavior and engagement.

Standard requirements include a certain number of debit card transactions per month, receiving online statements instead of paper statements, and scheduling 1 billpay or automatic payment from the account each month. The qualifying debit card transactions usually take any form -- signature or PIN purchases or online purchases.

For many people, if they treat this account as their primary checking account, it's not difficult for them to meet these requirements.

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