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Debit Cards


Yes, it’s free with your checking account. Convenient, secure and easy to carry; a solution in your pocket.

Travelling? Let us know and we’ll make sure your travels are safe and memorable. Callemail or complete the form in online banking, so we are aware. Packing? That’s on you.

  • EMV Chip Enabled - contains an embedded chip that uses secure technology to make it harder to copy your account information, better protecting you from fraud.
  • Cards on the Spot - Need your card now? Instant issue debit cards available at service centers. 
  • Mastercard - Enjoy flexibility and convenience with the card that is most accepted Nationwide. 



Fraud Protection

  • Contact Numbers
    Lost or Stolen Card: (800) 472-3272
    Activate, Change or Request PIN: (800) 757-9848
  • Fraud Protection
    To protect your account, we monitor your ATM and debit card transactions for potentially fraudulent activity which may include a sudden change in locale, a sudden string of costly purchases, or any pattern associated with new fraud trends around the world.

If we suspect fraudulent ATM or debit card use, we’ll be calling you to validate the legitimacy of your transactions. Your participation in responding to our call is critical to prevent potential risk and avoid restrictions we may place on the use of your card to protect you.

  • If you verify that the transaction was not authorized, eNFACT will block the card for you and tell you to contact us to file a dispute.
  • If you confirm that the transaction was authorized, no further steps will be necessary.
  • If eNFACT is unable to contact you, your card will be blocked.

To ensure we can continue to reach you whenever potential fraud is detected, please keep us informed of your correct phone number and address at all times. If your primary number is your home landline number,  you may want to consider updating it to your cell phone or work number to ensure a timely response. It’s easy to update your information in Online Banking; just click on the Profile tab.



Connect with Us

Toll Free: (800) 380-8880

Local: (813) 247-4414