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Debit Cards


Yes, it’s free with your checking account. Convenient, secure and easy to carry; a solution in your pocket.

Travelling? Let us know and we’ll make sure your travels are safe and memorable. Callemail or complete the form in online banking, so we are aware. Packing? That’s on you.

  • EMV Chip Enabled - contains an embedded chip that uses secure technology to make it harder to copy your account information, better protecting you from fraud.
  • Cards on the Spot - Need your card now? Instant issue debit cards available at service centers. 
  • Mastercard - Enjoy flexibility and convenience with the card that is most accepted Nationwide. 



Debit Card Fraud & Disputes 

When charges and purchases appear on your statement that you do not recognize, they may be fraudulent; or they may not be. The reference guide below will help you decide whether to file a dispute or a fraud affidavit.

Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union's complete policies and procedures for processing fraudulent and disputed transactions are outlined in the Universal Account Agreement Disclosure and are governed by the Electronic Funds Transfer Act (Federal Regulation E). 

Differences between Disputes and Fraud

The primary difference between a fraudulent transaction and a disputable transaction lies in whether or not the cardholder knowingly and willingly initiated the transaction with the merchant in the first place.

  • A fraudulent transaction is a charge from a company that you do not have an account with and you do not know how this company obtained your card number.
  • A disputed transaction is a charge from a company that you have done business with, but they have charged an additional charge without your permission or you feel that the services or merchandise received is not what you paid for.

Determining Which Type of Claim You Have

1. Did you give out or loan your debit card to anyone?

  • YES - A claim (fraud or dispute related) can not be made if you voluntarily gave your card to another person. We NEVER recommend giving your debit card to anyone else to use.
  • NO- You may have a claim for fraud or dispute. Continue through questionnaire to determine which type of claim you may have. 

2. Do you recognize the merchant who made the transaction using your debit card?

3. Is the transaction a result of you signing up for a ‘FREE trial’ on the internet; however, it required you to use your debit card to pay for ‘shipping only’ or another similar charge?

4. Did you voluntarily give your debit card to anyone over the phone, provide it on a mailed form or email, or enter it on an Internet website?


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