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How do I transfer funds between accounts in Online Banking?

You can add account to account transfers using the linked accounts menu item. This will allow you to transfer or receive money to a different account at a different financial institution.To link to another account:

1. Click on Accounts tab.
2. Click on the Linked Accounts sub-tab.
3. Select Bank Account in the account type drop down.
4. Add the bank information in the text boxes below the drop down.
5. Click Add Account. 
6. Confirm the bank information. Please note: In order to complete the verification process, you will have 2 small transactions that will be transferred to the external account. The amount of the transactions will need to be verified. Once you identify these transactions, you will return to the external accounts page and press complete verification. If the amounts entered match the amounts of the transactions, then the account will be enabled for funds transfers.

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