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New Mastercard Credit Card
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Get Ready for a New Credit Card Experience 

Tampa Bay Federal Mastercard Platinum 

If you are a Tampa Bay Federal Platinum, Platinum Rewards, HELOC or Business Credit Card holder you will receive a new Mastercard Credit Card after October 26th, 2020. Activate your new Mastercard on November 9th after 6:45am. Here are some things to know about your new card: 

  • Continued convenience and security — Your new card offers unsurpassed acceptance at over 52 million places worldwide, plus you’re protected with Zero Liability for unauthorized purchases1.
  • Great new benefits — You’ll also enjoy access to all of the other benefits ts shown on the reverse side.
  • No added costs — Your interest rates and other account terms will remain unchanged, and your card will have no annual fee just like before.

If you are a Platinum Rewards card holder, continue to enjoy the benefit of rewards! You will find details on redeeming the points you have acquired and earning new points with your new card envelope. 

Answers to questions you may have...

  1. Why are you replacing my existing card? You new Mastercard will help us to serve you better by providing you with added benefits you can use everyday. 

  2. Will my rates or fees change in any way? No, the interest rates and other credit card terms outlined in your Cardholder Agreement will remain unchanged.

  3. If i have a Rewards card, what will happen to my Rewards? Your current CURewards points will transfer to our new reward program- uChoose Rewards. You will be able to redeem your points and start earning new points. The uChoose Rewards program offers even more merchandise, travel and gift cards!  

  4. When will my new card arrive? You can expect to receive your new card after October 26th, 2020. 

  5. When can I activate my new card? You are able to activate your new card at 6:45am, November 9th. Set a reminder! 

  6. How do I activate my new card? Call the number provided on the back of the card to activate. 

  7. What do I do with my old card? You can destroy your old card once you have successfully activated your new card. This card can be used up until November 8, 2020.Also contact any merchants who automatically bill your existing card to provide your new card number.

  8. Will my card numbers change? Yes. Be sure to contact merchants and/or update any automatic billing with your existing card to and provide your new card number.

  9. Who can tell me more? If you have other questions, inquire at any branch or give us a call at (813)247-4414 (EXT 7606).
1Certain restrictions apply. See for details.
2Certain restrictions apply. For details, see the Guide to Benefits.
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