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A penny not going to be enough.

We don’t know exactly what the future will bring us, but we have a few ideas. So let’s build our own safety net, or two. Some habits are tough to break. Saving for the future should be rock solid.


Open a savings account


Jump Start Savings

Fast-track your savings journey with a Jump Start Savings Account. Every time you use your checking account for a purchase or a payment, the transaction is automatically rounded up to the nearest dollar and the difference is transferred to your Jump Start Savings. 

Watch your savings add up with your virtual piggy bank: 

Purchase  Purchase Amount  Amount Sent to Jump Start Savings 

Drug Store 

$20.01 $0.99

Utility Bill Payment

$125.44 $0.66
Restaurant $18.23 $0.77
Coffee $2.55 $0.45
Daily Amount Transferred to Savings =


Weekly Average Savings*= $20.09
Annual Average Savings*= $1,044.68


With your Jump Start Savings:

  • You may withdraw or transfer from this account like a regular savings account.
  • We conveniently transfer all daily round-ups in one lump sum to savings.
  • Dividends to your Jump Start Savings Account are paid monthly.
  • If your checking balance is less than $50, your account will not transfer the change to keep from overcharges or low balances. 
  • No monthly fees 


Enroll in a Jump Start Savings Account 

* Savings calculations are based on estimates of spending the same amount each day. Actually savings will differ based on spending and account balances. The calculation is only an example to show how savings can add up over time and are not predictions or estimates of actual savings accounts. 


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