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Money doesn’t grow on trees. It grows on our certificates.

Hard work starts to pay off, so now it’s your turn to sit back and make your money grow for you. Start earning a higher return because our interest… is in your best interest.

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Sometimes not a simple decision, but one you should look into sooner than later. Individual Retirement Accounts offer you many choices to plan for your future. And don’t think you are limited to retirement. Use them for your child’s education, or roll over your company’s savings.

Types of IRAs

  Traditional IRA Account Roth IRA Account Coverdell Education IRA
What are your future plans? I need all the tax advantages I can get now, don't really have plans for retirement, just know I should be doing something. I'm on the downhill slide now and will need more access than tax advantages in 60 to 10 years. I can almost see it! I'm interested in helping my children prepare for their future - college is a lot closer than my retirement!
Annual Contribution $5,000 or 100% of earned income (whichever is less*) $5,000 or 100% of earned income (whichever is less)* $2,000
Tax-Deductible Contributions Within qualifications None None
Distribution; Required Minimum Contributions 59 1/2; mandatory at 70 1/2 5 years after holding period and 59 1/2 by 30
Tax Deferred Tax Deferred Tax Deferred

IRA Accounts

  IRA Savings IRA Certificates IRA Transfers IRA Rollovers
Most appropriate for... Just getting started... thinking about a systematic savings plan. Starting to see savings grow and want to take advantage of higher tax returns. Moving a Roth IRA that would perform much better at TBF than where it is. Rolling over a previous employer's plan to TBF.
Considerations Automatic transfer, payroll deduction for any amount. Starting at $500. Directly from one financial institution to another; unlimited number. Funds are released to you and deposited within 60 days; 1 rollover per 12 months.


To begin, email our Contact Center, call (813) 247-4414 or visit a branch location



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