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Notice to Platinum and Platinum Rewards Cardholders

If you are a Tampa Bay Federal Platinum or Platinum Rewards cardholder you received a new credit card with the incorrect card type and image printed on the card. For example, you're a Platinum Rewards cardholder who received a Platinum card and vice versa.  Rest assured the Mastercard you received will still operate as your previous Visa card despite the printed card type. You may still activate your new Mastercard on November 9th and use it as normal. If you previously had a Rewards credit card, you will continue to accrue points with your new card.  A new replacement card with the correctly printed card type and image will be mailed to you soon. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Answers to questions you may have...


  1. Will I still earn points on my Platinum Rewards card? Yes. You will continue to earn rewards points as normal. 

  2. When will my new card arrive? You can expect to receive your updated card with the correct card type and image  in approximately two weeks from receiving your new Mastercard. 

  3. When can I activate my new card? You are able to activate your new card on November 9th at 6:45 am. Set a reminder! 

  4. Will my card number change? No. Your existing Mastercard card number will not change. However, your expiration date and three digit security code will change. Please remember to update this information with any merchants or providers who automatically charge your credit card. 

  5. Who can tell me more? If you have other questions, inquire at any branch or give us a call at (813)247-4414 (EXT 7606).
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