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Overdraft Protection

We all know the unexpected can occur and even some times you may miscalculate how much is available in your checking account. Tampa Bay Federal offers you extra levels of protection to help eliminate the embarrassment or inconvenience situations like this can cause.

Free Overdraft Protection Plan

All members are eligible for our free overdraft protection plan. When you open your checking account we link your primary savings account to your checking account to automatically cover overdrafts.You may link other accounts such as money market accounts, special savings accounts or other accounts you may be joint on for this type of overdraft protection as well. We recommend you use funds in your accounts for your first level of overdraft protection to avoid other fees.

Courtesy Pay

As a complement to the plan above, our standard overdraft practices include Courtesy Pay. Courtesy Pay is not a line of credit. Courtesy Pay is a fee-based overdraft protection service that allows us, at our discretion, to overdraft your account and pay items or transactions generally up to a maximum of $500 that may normally be returned or denied.

The service is available to members in good standing and whose primary share and checking account has been open at least 90 days. Transactions are processed in the order we receive them from others.

Whether we pay through Courtesy Pay or return an item, your account may be assessed a fee, either as a Courtesy Pay charge or a Non-Sufficient Funds charge. You will only be charged a Non-Sufficient Funds charge if we do not pay the overdraft for checks or pre-authorized transactions, normally of a recurring nature. Please refer to our Service Fees for more information about these and related fee charges.

Through Courtesy Pay, we routinely authorize and pay overdrafts for the following types of transactions:

  • Checks and similar types of electronic transfers
  • Pre-authorized recurring transactions (such as an insurance premium)
  • Everyday debit transactions (such as for gas or groceries)
  • ATM transactions (cash withdrawals)

You must provide prior authorization to us for Courtesy Pay overdraft coverage for debit and ATM overdraft transactions. If you have not provided this authorization, your transaction will normally be declined at the merchant or ATM. This does not apply to checks or other recurring electronic transactions.

Call us at 813-247-4414 x7606 to set up your overdraft account sources.

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