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What our members say about our team.


“My husband of 57 years just passed away last month and Oneida has been very helpful in assisting me with changing everything around on our account. It has been a lot for me to deal with and it was so nice to work with Oney. She is a valuable employee and that every time she sees her she is smiling and happy.   

Mrs. Kremin (May 2015)


"I just wanted to compliment one of your tellers, Gabe I came through the drive through teller at the town and country location around , and he was so sweet. I have never been greeted when coming through the drive through and was quite surprised when he greeted me and asked me how I was doing. I have never seen him at this location, but it was so refreshing. I know during lunch hour rush things can get busy, but the fact that this young man took his time to tell me good morning and ask how I was doing was awesome!!!!! I just wanted to share this with you as I am sure you get complaints more than compliments but he was so nice to work with and I hope to work with him in the future!! Thank you for having such a great teller! 

Kassie Engst (April 2015)


"I had the opportunity to use the auto advisor service with Chris Ingle. I wanted to compliment and thank her for help in purchasing a used vehicle for my son. I am thankful to the credit union for providing this service free of charge. Her help allowed me to be confident that my son was getting a reliable vehicle at a fair price."

Ms. C Gamble (April 2015)


“Yomaira was  Very, Very, Very helpful and kind in helping us resolve an issue at the Credit Union. Everything was resolved with professional, with courteousness, kindness and with a smile on her face. If you have an Employee of the Month please make sure that is given to her. She is a keeper!” 

Ms. Ayala (March 2015)


I have to tell you that in my many years of banking I have found VERY few people like Candice Carswell.  I loved it when you opened a branch in Riverview and I have to tell you she is an absolute pleasure to work with.   I feel so comfortable going to her with any issue and she is always to wonderful to talk to and happy to help.  I went through a rather stressful time last year and she was both compassionate and helpful.

You are so fortunate to have her…and come to think of it so are we!

Ms. D. Tinker (October 2014)


Anabel, Thank you for your help this morning dealing with the unauthorized payment in my checking account. You were a big help and set me at ease through the whole process. I just checked my account and the funds, plus the insufficient charges, have been credited to my account.

Mr. Meng


James was extremely friendly and went out of his way to make me feel comfortable. Thank you. 

Mr. White, member since 2004 (July 2014)


Compliments to Vanessa for the great service she provided me in the teller line. Great service!!!

Darrin D, member since March 2013 (May 2014) 


Kevin, thank you for your proffessionalism. It's a pleaser to bank here for that reason.

Jason O., member since October 2013 (April 2014)


Thanks to Mr. Mejia at the Ybor Heights credit union office for his caring attitude and knowledge when I applied for a car loan down payment. I didn’t want to take money from my IRA account, for that is my emergency savings. I was worried about being able to get the loan because I haven’t applied for one in a long time.

I spoke with Eddie in the call center and he also was positive and helpful to me, answering all of the many questions I had. He even called me after hours to tell me the loan was approved (what a relief) and I should make an appointment with a loan officer.

I met with Mr. Mejia who worked out the re-payment plan for me, completed all of the paperwork in a timely manner and printed the check for me to take to the dealership. In working with these two professionals I felt I was blessed with the best.

Cora L, member since 2002 (June 2014)


Jody at Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union is amazing, so incredibly helpful and kind. She didn't judge me and let me cry when I was losing it. Jody's kindness and compassion meant the world to me during this time as I had not gotten the same response from others that I was dealing with, and because of Jody, I will never bank anywhere else. Jody was not just a banker, but truly made a difference in my life! 

Wendy E., (April 2014)


Thank you very much for all you have done for me. I wish I could clone you and put you at all the locations I visit!

Gary H., (April 2014)


I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your excellent service yesterday in opening my new account. You made the task a very pleasurable experience.

Ron B. (April 2014) 


Candice, thank you for making my car loan super easy! You're awesome!

Claudette C. (December 2013)


I wish to take a moment and share with you my high praises for your Member Sales Representative Ms Anabel Pereira. She was very professional, polite and patient with me during the process of  an auto application and  ultimately the purchase of a car. I also think the provision of Document Signing through e-mail is a great feature, that again, Anabel was able to walk me through it. Enjoying my new car very much, thanks for the loan TBFCU!

Kathleen J., member since 1997 (October 2013)


Just writing to thank you for your service today. You have a great personality and workers like you give companies a good name. Thank you.

Cecil B., member since 2000 (August 2013)


I just wanted to give kudos to Kevin Donaldson for his assistance in an issue I had. He really went to bat for me and it really meant a lot to myself and my family. He regained the faith we were losing in Tampa Bay Federal. Thanks again!

 Tim (April 2013)


I had to write and tell you how happy I was to meet Candice Carswell today.  I was a pretty unhappy customer when I came in but luckily I got to speak with Candice.  Not only did she help me solve my problem, she was also quick, efficient and a genuinely nice person to deal with. There are a lot of nice people who work at your Nebraska branch but I believe that Candice is a standout.  She made my day.

  Rebecca S., member since 2011 (April 2013)


When it comes to home loans, Jay Kim is wonderful, kind, great, accommodating and knowledgeable. 

 Pia C. (March 2013)


Thank you so much for having Brandon Dalton as an employee.

 Anthony R. (March 2013)


Michael did a great job with my loan closing. He was very nice and professional and I want your management to know it.

 Nancy K., member since 2013 (February 2013)


I wanted to say thank you so much to Karen for helping me out today; I appreciate the great customer service and help – hard to find these days!!!!  Thanks so much.

 Jeff, member since 2012 (January 2013)

I want you to know that Ann was so kind & patient, trying to clear the title. She would even give me updates on her way out the door after work. She is a great asset to your company.

 Gary S., member since 2012 (January 2013)

Thanks to Ms. Marita Mangosing for the superior customer service we received in the Brandon Office. I have also mailed a letter to the TBFCU PO Box expressing in detail the outstanding service we were provided during our new member processing meeting.

 Robert H., member since 2012 (January 2013)


I want to thank you (TBFCU President Dale Schumacher) for leading the credit union for many good years - club "50" was the best! I also want to thank you for having Marita Mongosing at the Brandon office. She has always been very helpful to my wife (who passed away a year ago) and to me for quite a long time. She is a very good worker and a cheerful, caring sales representative. Please tell everybody she is SUPER!

 Roald Z., member since 1987 (November 2012)


I wish to commend your employee, Karen Burch who assisted us while resolving a negative balance due to someone hacking my daughters debit/credit card. She was compassionate, friendly and professional. The funds were restored quickly. Thanks to your quick actions, I will be able to purchase my Thanksgiving menu.

 Coralee H., member since 1988 (November 2012)


Yesterday my wife and I went in to your branch in Brandon. We were looking to save money on our car loans and possibly home loan. Marita emailed Brandon to call us, which he did. Our home is with SunTrust so you couldn't help us with that cause we are upside down on our home. Brandon informed us that we needed to talk to SunTrust about the HARP program. Marita did save us about $120 a month combined on both of our cars. She was fantastic, very patient and professional. She is a asset to your company. I think you should give her a huge raise. We have been customers of yours for over 20 yrs. Thank you for the wonderful experience.

 Gregory & Deborah G., members since 1991 (November 2012)


Just to let you know that few weeks back, I opened an account at the Brandon branch. Each time I made a transaction, I was greatly welcomed. But most of all, it is the patience that I most admired in the services rendered by Marita Mangosing. She is courteous, ready to help and most accommodating. I wanted you to know that. I have lost my apprehension about banking in Brandon; your branch has restored my confidence. I thank you, all employees, for providing great service.

 A. Herring, member since 2012 (October 2012)


Just wanted to take a second to tell you what a nice car shopping experience we had.  Chris was really great! 

 Joy K., member since 2012 (October 2012)

This week I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Mr. Donaldson.  He was most professional, helpful, pleasant and calming to my family’s situation at hand.   As a prior and existing customer of the credit union, it is my request that my comments be acknowledged and noticed to the personnel department. 

 Carolyn B., member since 2002 (October  2012)


I am writing this letter in order to express my gratitude for the high quality service Ms. Erica Valle has been providing us via email in the last few days.  I had several issues that sometimes are difficult to get answers by phone.  I chose to contact Erica since she has been my personal banker.  I am contacting you to let you know that you should be proud of such an employee. The service has been amazing and this recognition has been long overdue.  For each question I asked, she quickly answered, was very professional, helpful, and courteous.  We/I ended up with full understanding of what TBFCU has to offer us. I appreciate her attitude and services; I believe you trained your staff very professionally, and her personal commitment to her job makes me one happy member. Thank you and your top notch staff one more time.  All the best.

 James/Guoching P., members since 2009 (October 2012)


Every single time I had a question for Jay, I called him and he was available to answer my questions. I was very impressed with Jay’s professionalism, positive attitude, willingness to help, and most of all, his availability!

 David J., member since 2007 (October 2012)   


Rob offered tremendous support and excellent customer service. I was very impressed with his professionalism and his ability to follow up with me. I am in the same business and can appreciate the time he took to help me.

 Janet R., member since 1987 (October 2012)


Kevin Donaldson closed on my refinance on Tuesday and I came to North Tampa on Saturday to close on another loan with him. She raved about Kevin and said he was so nice and professional and did a great job.  

 Genie M., member since 1991 (September 2012)


What great service I received from Marita Mangosing. I really appreciate it!

 Jose M., member since 2002 (September 2012)


Kevin Donaldson helped us obtain two car loans in a very professional and knowledgeable manner. His demeanor is an example that every employee should have or strive to have. He was efficient, accommodating and very helpful in making our loan transaction a very positive experience. He is definitely an asset to your credit union.

 Paula and Steve L., members since 1986 (August 2012)

Brandon was extremely helpful, prompt, and made this refinance so easy. Thanks Brandon.  

 Mary W., member since 1986 (August 2012)


Brandon gave very exceptional service and it was a fast closing.

 Diane S., member since 2012 (August 2012)


Brandon gave excellent customer service and the refinance was a speedy process.  

 David C., member since 2001 (August 2012)


Every time I come in here he is very helpful and friendly. I’ve been a member since 1993 and he makes me feel happy with his service he gives me.  

 Avilio G., member (July 2012)

I had a great experience with Jasiel a couple days ago so I had to grab your card to email you about it when I got a chance. He truly provided that WOW experience that any customer would want. He was very pleasant to work with and attended all my needs professionally. Thank You for having such great people like this on board in your organization.  

 Richard C., member since 2003 (July 2012)


Amaly is an amazing employee, she knows the answers to my questions and if she doesn’t she gets the answers. She is greatly appreciated.  

 Kathy, member (June 2012)


You (Karen Burch) noticed that my husband and I had been sitting there a while and you took the initiative to help us, directing us to the correct department for financing a new car helped expedite the process.   

 George and Lorraine N., members (May 2012)  


I just wanted to express my gratitude to you and specifically to your rep Kevin Donaldson. He helped me opening a business account and I was beyond impressed with his professionalism, professional look, his warm friendly demeanor, his welcoming attitude in person and over the phone. You have a gem there! I am not regretting my decision to bank with you at all. What a pleasure to deal with someone so professional and attentive. What a pleasure! Thank you!  

 Monica G., member since 2012 (May 2012)


Regular “Hometown” courtesy combined with professional courtesy, knowledge & respect.  

 Patricia A. B., member (May 2012)


Jay Kim is a true professional. Our refinance was effortless as a result of his effort.  

 Ben J., member (May 2012)

Amaly was by far the greatest customer service agent that I have ever spoken with. She was friendly and courteous. I will be referring everyone I know to your company.  

 Joshua R., member since 2011 (April 2012)


I just wanted to let you know what a wonderfully helpful employee you have in Charles Hart at your Sheldon branch.  I branch bank at that facility and twice now Mr. Hart has assisted me. Both times he was friendly and very efficient.  Thank you for having employees like Charles Hart!  

 Debra H., Share Service Center member (April 2012)

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