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 Online Banking Agreement

Tampa Bay Federal Online uses multiple layers of security features, in different parts of the connection, to keep your data safe and secure. We have taken all appropriate measures to ensure that our website and online banking product is secure, and that our members’ account information remains private.

To access your account from the website you will be asked to:

  • Enter your User ID
  • Enter Random Code
  • Identify your Security Image
  • Enter your password.
  • You may be asked to anser Security Challenge Questions

If it is your first time using the Online Banking site you must register as a New User. You will be asked to provide your account number, Touch Tone Teller Pin, the last four digits of your Social Security number, zip code, date of birth to confirm your account. To complete registration you will create a security image and provide answers to three challenge questions that will be used for security.

Every time you login into online banking, the Multilayer Security helps protect you against identity theft or other online fraud. These key factors keep your account safe and secure:

Random Code: At this time the Random Code is all lowercase, letters/numbers, and has no spaces. If the Random Code is unreadable please hit refresh to obtain a new code.

User ID & Password: Your User ID identifies your account without using your account number. Keep your password confidential.  Our members also play a role in protecting their information. Here are some password security tips:

  • Never reveal your password to anyone.
  • Never write it down where anyone can find it or figure out what it is.
  • Change your password often, and be sure that you do not use common words that can be found in a dictionary, or numbers in a series. For example, try using special dates combined with favorite colors. Unlike an ATM transaction where you rely on the physical ATM card and PIN to complete a transaction, your account number and password is only needed to complete a transaction online or through TTT.
  • Take precautions to check that no one is physically watching as you enter your password. Although the password is hidden when entered, someone could watch your keystrokes as you enter it.
  • Use the Log Out feature if you are going to be away from your computer for an extended period of time. The logout will end your session and you will be forced to submit your account number and password before accessing your account again.

Security image: This is the personal word you set-up during your registration in online banking. Your security image identifies your account. If you do not recognize the security image, do not enter your password and attempt to login. Return to and restart the login process.

Security Challenge Questions: When you sign on using a computer that is not enrolled, you will be asked to validate your identity by typing in the answer to one of Challenge Questions. This provides an extra layer of protection on your account. Once you have validated your security questions, they may not be required again when signing on to the same private computer.

Firewall: Tampa Bay Federal uses a state of the art Firewall system to protect its internal networks from outside intrusion. The Firewall refuses connections that are not authorized and only allows certain protocols into the internal computer system.

Intrusion Detection: Tampa Bay Federal monitors Tampa Bay Federal Online 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We know if there is a problem and we proactively seek and correct any problems that do arise.

Browser:  You can only connect using a browser that supports encryption.  This protects data as it travels across the internet. We recommend that our members use a current version of browser software so that they may benefit from the most up to date internet security available. After you finish any website session that included viewing or sending private information you should close your browser window.

Timed Log out:  After a period of inactivity or if you walk away from your computer, Tampa Bay Federal Online will automatically time out. To restart your session, you must complete the login process. If you would like to change the length of time out, login into online banking and under User Options select Change Time out.

Encryption:  Tampa Bay Federal uses some of the strongest commercial grade encryption to protect your account data.  As the data travels across the internet it gets 'scrambled' and others are unable to read it.

Lock Out (3 Strikes You're Out): Tampa Bay Federal uses a system that will lock a member from accessing their account if an invalid password is entered three times. A member will need to choose Forgot Password and follow prompts to unlock their account or contact our Member Solutions Center to have access reinstated 813.247.4414.

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