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Looking into your financial future becomes much clearer when you can earn more on your savings deposited for a specific period of time. Whether your goal is to save money for a future expense, boost your retirement savings, or move money from an investment elsewhere, Certificates from Tampa Bay Federal are the perfect way to save and earn more.


Fixed Rate Share Certificates

Tampa Bay Federal Certificates are available from 91 days to 5 years, the choice is yours!


Market Watch Certificates

Tied to a 2 year treasury rate so it changes monthly, the Market Watch Certificate the upside to potentially rising rates. Available in an 18 month certificate, the rate is adjusted on the first of each month. 


Current Rates

Dividends are compounded daily and paid monthly. Dividends are transferred to savings or checking monthly or can continue to earn interest in the certificate.

Open a Certificate or Add Funds

Visit any branch location or call us at 813-247-4414 to open your certificate or add funds to an existing certificate today. Deposit cash or through funds transfer, wire transfer, check, or money order.


Certificate Disclosure

Note: There is a substantial penalty for early withdrawal, and fees (if any) could reduce the earnings on the account.  For certificates with maturities of less than one year, the penalty is equal to the lesser of earned dividends or three months' dividends on the amount withdrawn. For certificates with maturities of one year or more, the penalty equals the lesser of earned dividends or six months of dividends on the amount withdrawn.


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as low as

3.25%* APR


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