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Certificates button-tan

  • Earn a higher divendend rate than a traditional savings account. 
  • Our step-up feature* allows you an opportunity to take advantage of a higher rate during your certificate term*.
  • A share certificate is a “hands-off” way to save, meaning you pick the specific term that works for you and then just watch your savings grow.
  • Tampa Bay Federal offers flexible certificate terms– available from 91 days to 5 years. 
  • Share certificates automatically renew if you want to keep watching your nest-egg grow.
  • Market Watch Certificate is the upside to pontentially rising rates. Tied to a two year trasury rate so it changes monthly. 



Open a Certificate or Add Funds:

Visit any branch location or call us at 813-247-4414 to open your certificate or add funds to an existing certificate today. Deposit cash or through funds transfer, wire transfer, check, or money order.


Certificate Disclosure

Note: Dividends are compounded daily and paid monthly. Dividends are transferred to savings or checking monthly or can continue to earn interest in the certificate. There is a substantial penalty for early withdrawal, and fees (if any) could reduce the earnings on the account.  For certificates with maturities of less than one year, the penalty is equal to the lesser of earned dividends or three months' dividends on the amount withdrawn. For certificates with maturities of one year or more, the penalty equals the lesser of earned dividends or six months of dividends on the amount withdrawn.

*Step-up feature allows a onetime option of locking in a higher rate after the certificate funds have remained on deposit for a certain period of time. For a 12 month certificate, the certificate must be open for 3 months. For certificates over 12 months, the certificate must be open for 6 months. (The higher rate would match the rate being offered on a new Tampa Bay Federal CU certificate with the same terms.)

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as high as 

1.90%* APY

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